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Adding a wall to make another room

***If you want to install a “load bearing wall”, GEM and the homeowner can work concurrently to obtain the proper permit or permissions from the local Anchorage building authorities for approval.  This cannot not be done without the city’s review and approval.***

An unfinished basement or other large area can feel cold and impersonal. Add some visual interest and a sense of warmth by dividing the room with a non-load-bearing wall. Because this task is almost always part of a larger project, it is appropriate for intermediate-level do-it-yourselfers who have a good command of their tools. It would be good to have a helper, as some of the materials to be lifted are heavy.

If you wish to install the “non load bearing wall”, you can have that project done to your specifications and have an extra room with in days.

Room Addition, are you ready?

A new addition can connect you to the yard, raise the roof, bring in light or make a statement.  Is your growing family out growing your home?  If you only had 5 more feet of living or kitchen space, or in need of an arctic entry way?  GEM can help with that.  Adding a room, no matter the size is a major project and not for the finicky, budget minded homeowner. It will most likely require permits and approval from the City of Anchorage’s zoning department. Just give GEM a call, we can help you begin the process.