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The highly skilled techs at G.E.M. have over 25 years of experience in building retaining walls of all shapesTimber retaining wall and sizes. Our expertise in retaining walls has been tried and time-tested throughout Anchorage, Eagle River, and the Mats-Su. The walls we have been look great, work great, help increase usable area on your property, and help increase your homes value.

We would love to walk with you through your project, and answer any questions you may have regarding materials, installation, or features available. We can work with any wall type that you wish. The most common retaining walls used are using Keystone or Allan Block concrete blocks.  Other materials that can be used to create beautiful and functional walls are; large natural stone, concrete, timber, or steel sheet piles. Any of these materials will give you decades of reliable performance with proper installation, and look good while doing it!


Hiring a reliable contractor for your retaining wall.

You must consider reliability when hiring a contractor for your retaining wall project. And if you’re from Anchorage, your trust can be placed in Glaciers Edge Maintenance. We are a reliable contractor with decades of experience in masonry works and property improvement projects. Moreover, our license and certifications from industry organizations are proofs of our capabilities as a contractor. With us, you are assured of unmatched quality as well a painless installation process. We encourage you to read reviews, check out portfolios, and call references of any contractor you hire.


Our custom turn-key installations

At Glaciers Edge Maintenance, we offer turn-key retaining wall solutions for residential and commercial properties. When you hire us to work on this type of project, we will ensure that all the necessary features and ground works are included in the design and construction. For example, we will recommend and install drainage, and perform proper land grading as needed for your individual installation. And to ensure the integrity of the walls, we will add backfill and waterproofing materials such as liquid rubbers and protection boards if need.

With us, your retaining walls can perform their functions for decades without needing any major repair or reinstallation.


Trust the Experts in Masonry Construction

Our primary aim here at Glaciers Edge Maintenance is to provide all our clients with the highest level of customer service, quality workmanship, and efficient solutions to their property improvement needs. And when it comes to designing and building retaining walls, we guarantee that they will get durable, attractive, functional, and long lasting structures. Our completed retaining wall projects in Anchorage and other Alaskan cities are just some examples of how we expertly handle this kind of project.

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