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Add New Life to Your Kitchen with Cabinets

Are you desiring a fresh new look for your kitchen?  Installing or repairing cabinets in your kitchen can inject new life into the design of your home. Imagine what your kitchen would look like if you finally fixed that peeling laminate or if you added brand new cabinets that truly make you happy. Now imagine what it would be like if all of that was taken care of for you.

GEM can:

  • Repair cabinets, staining, repainting, or replace hinges and door knobs
  • Install cabinets, if you prefer to pre-order yours, let us install them
  • Just want new cabinet doors? Let us replace those too

Cabinets receive the most wear and tear in your kitchen, so going for durability, quality in parts and the type of wood, are all very important factors in choosing what to use.  GEM can help you decide what is best for you, your home, and budget.  We want your kitchen to remain beautiful, in its finest condition, yet maintaining utmost versatility.


GEM handles a wide variety of carpentry services, to name a few:

  • Repair, paint, install or repair floor trim; door trim; window trim
  • Stair repair, replacement
  • Deck and porch replacement, extension and repair
  • Crown Molding repair, replacement or installation

Let GEM help you plan for your next spring project.  Most carpentry projects usually are not a “one man job” and require numerous tools to get the job done.  Call GEM at 907-223-4666 or contact us today for an estimate!