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Add a Decorative Finish to Your Home’s Walls

To add both value and style to your home, consider the installation of crown molding. This is a small touch that can make a world of difference in a room—regardless of whether you are considering a colonial style or something more modern. Despite the benefits of adding it, however, it is not always an easy task.  Accurate measurements, properly angled cuts and strategically placed screws can be simple yet complicated.  That is why we encourage you to contact GEM. We can ensure it is installed properly leaving your home looking beautiful.

In addition, we can help you with a “fixer upper” – if you are interested in just staining or painting your existing crown molding, even repairing of gaps or damaged sections.

Be advised that working with crown molding requires a few tools:

  • tape measure
  • power miter saw
  • ladder
  • miter saw
  • hammer
  • coping saw
  • caulk gun
  • safety glasses

These will make your job easier and are not the kind of tools the average weekend “Do It Yourself-er” owns.  Not included, are the materials you will need, i.e.,matching molding for repair, stripping supplies for repainting, or a new supply of molding.

Save yourself time and money, call GEM today at; 907-223-4666, to set up a time to meet with us for an estimate!