Anchorage Remodeling and Grounds Maintenance
Anchorage, Alaska
Mon-Fri: 8AM - 6PM

Are you outgrowing your home? 

If your home seems to be lacking in space and lost in disorganization, you need more usable space.  A new back yard shed?  Larger garage? An additional bedroom or den?  New or larger entryway?  Well, GEM can help.  There are so many options to making your home space more effective.

Let us start with an introduction, an opportunity to get to know a little about each other and hear your ideas. Our goal is to gather information about your plans for your project. We will be discussing your ideas, collect measurements, and take pictures of your existing home layout and structure. The feasibility and the most cost effective way to achieve your goals will be discussed. At this meeting you get more information about your project and inquire about budgeting your project.

Once that has been covered, we will leave you to decide when you want to move forward with your project, or schedule it in for the warmer months, here in Alaska, all projects cannot be done in winter. The next step is to take time with the details, like ordering parts, planning a step by step schedule and prepping your project area, etc.  Designs can be fine tuned and material selections chosen, taking us a step closer to making your ideas a reality.  This is where the contract can be squared away, with a relatively good final budget for your project.

Then, the magic of construction unfolds, this is the exciting time when many changes start happening. Our goal is to make the construction process as least disruptive as possible. With proper permits and planning in place an affirmative schedule will be made. Our job supervisor will work closely with you to address questions and concerns as they arise. It is not uncommon for some changes to be made along the way and we will work with you to come up with the best solution, after all, it is your home.

Finally, after the project has been completed, a post inspection walk through will be performed to address any concerns or questions. If there is a need for additional service in the future we will be there to make it right. We want your project to be something both you and our company are proud of when it is complete. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Our reputation is built on satisfied customers.

Call GEM today for a brief introduction, you may also contact us here, for your convenience.