Anchorage Remodeling and Grounds Maintenance
Anchorage, Alaska
Mon-Fri: 8AM - 6PM

Does you deck seem lopsided or faded?  Most likely your foundation may be sinking or rolling and you will have some repairs that need attention. You may have to replace or reinforce your concrete footing or piers.  Make sure the framing anchors and ties are not effected by the movement-which can result in total failure of your deck.  We can inspect all joists, beams and poles for structural damage.  Fading is caused by exposure to the elements, rain, snow, wind and sun. Protect it from moisture and UV rays by applying stain or sealant, it will extent the life of the wood for your deck-keep in mind, ideal temperature should be between 50-80 degrees with no rain.  We also can demolish and haul your old deck away to build a new one!!