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Drywall has many names, but to GEM, it is all the same!

Also known as; sheet rock, gypsum board, particle board, chalk board, which ever you choose to call it, we can handle it!  From small repairs to large remodels, additions or new builds, we can help you with all of your residential drywall needs. Repairs can be as small as a few dings or holes to replacing drywall in water-damaged areas.  For safety reasons, we strongly suggest water damaged drywall be replaced as soon as possible as it may pose a hazard to your family and could weaken the structure of your walls. Keep in mind,some damage may not require a total wall replacement, let us inspect your problem and go from there.

In remodels and new additions, we know how important it is to make the new look like the old with matching texture. While no texture matching is perfect, we come close as is humanly possible. Before we begin, we will discuss how the repair will be done and any issues that may arise. As our customer, you will get the final say about the cost of your work, but we will advise as to what would be best–in regards to the materials used.

Contact GEM today for an estimate at:  907-223-4666