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Electrical Work – no job is too small

Let us diagnose an electrical issue that you just can’t figure out.  It can become quite a head scratcher, especially if you don’t have the right tools or the knowledge and experience to use them properly, it could also become a potential danger if your diagnosis is wrong. Let our friendly and professional electricians save you time and money on diagnosing and repairing your home electrical issues.  From replacing broken or shorted outlets to upgrading your home light fixtures. 

Electrical Improvements and Energy Savings

There are hundreds of different electrical improvements you can make on your home to increase you and your family’s comfort.  We can install a wide range of electrical equipment to do just that. From lighting fixtures and ceiling fans, to circuit breakers and electrical panels, help increase safety and security, and much more.  Making sure your home is up to date on the latest electrical safety requirements and regulations is important in keeping your family and home safe.  Benefit from the installation of electrical devices that increase energy savings.  We know what it takes to lower your monthly energy costs and we are always available to assist you in doing your part to save the environment and save some cash along the way.

Specialty Home and Outdoor Lighting

If you plan on selling your home, increase the value of your home and appeal by taking advantage of specialty energy saving outdoor lighting fixtures. We can provide your home with a fully customized outdoor lighting plan based on your specific needs.  Increase your home energy savings and security with the environmentally sound and efficient Energy Star products on the market. 

Electrical Maintenance

Regular maintenance is more inexpensive than having to replace an entire electrical system. Take time to learn more about electrical maintenance and how to keep your home running at an optimal level.  

So, call GEM today to set up an estimate for your repair, installation and inspection of your home electrical system and let us illuminate your home!