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Anchorage, Alaska
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GEM does Interior and Exterior Painting!

Freshening up your existing walls or changing the whole color scheme of your home can be overwhelming and exhausting, and any kind of painting can be time consuming. If you don’t care to spend hours taping and prepping the area to be painted, let GEM do it.  We can do your interior job with all the right tools and get it done right, our interior painting services includes:

  • Prepping, covering and taping
  • Paint ceilings, window trim, doors and door trim
  • Color scheme coordination, and much more

We are not limited to just the residential neighborhood, GEM can also provide service to: commercial properties, home owner associations and rental companies.

Living in Alaska, we all know there is a “painting season” for your home exterior care, timing and planning is key to getting your home and living complex a new coat of paint.  Exterior painting can include cleaning and prepping of exterior, or if you just need a new coat of stain and/or sealant-we can do that.  Let us use all our tools and expertise to achieve your needs.

 Call GEM today, at: 907-223-4666 to get a quote!