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Texturing your drywall is time consuming and messy

Especially if you want your old texturing removed and new stuff applied, it takes time to scrape, remove and sand the drywall smooth for application. Here are the basic steps to applying texture to drywall:

  • Scrape and remove old texture
  • Sand your drywall, until it is smooth to the touch, be sure to wear a protective dusk mask or respirator
  • Prime your drywall, wipe away excessive dust with a damp rag
  • Mix your drywall compound, mixing dry drywall mix and water to your desired consistency, making sure there are no lumps

At this point, you are ready to slap on the texture with the finesse of Picasso or pour it into a hopper gun to shoot it out in your desired pattern–keep in mind, when using a sprayer, you will need to cover anything that you DON’T want covered or splattered with texture.  You can apply by hand with a wide paint brush at least 7″ wide, or with a hopper gun attached to a texture sprayer.  One requires skill of hand whereas the other requires good eye perception to apply an even coat.  Always practice your technique before actually applying the texture.  And don’t forget the primer, you can add another coat as needed.

Some basic tools for the texturing job:

  • drywall patch gun
  • hopper gun
  • knockdown knives
  • texture brushes
  • texture sprayers
  • texture rollers
  • dust masks
  • drop cloths
  • plastic covering and painters tape
  • 5 gallon buckets

All those will make your job go a lot smoother and quicker.  But if you call us, WE have the tools to get all your texturing needs done!  Call GEM today for a quote!