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Water Damage Restoration

Water damage not only is harmful to your property, but it also can bring about harmful mildew and mold.  The principal purpose of restoration is to eliminate the remnants of water or sewer, dry the damp spots, and reduce the damage to the home.  Water damage restoration is time sensitive and a vital procedure in cleaning your home after it’s been damaged by water or sewer.  It’s necessary to have specialized equipment and knowledge to clean up and dry out after a major flood.  This is a costly restoration as most all the equipment used, is usually only used once by the homeowner.  Letting us provide our tools and equipment.

You will need special floor drying equipment, a dehumidifier, sanitizers, and other items depending on the amount of damage.  Health and safety issues are also a concern.  We can salvage water damaged possessions you might think are a lost cause, and tell you what can’t be saved.   Most people underestimate the health risk of water.  Clean water can bring about just as many health hazards as dirty water.  Mold, viruses and bacteria thrive in the damp areas flooding causes. If the water happens to be contaminated with human or animal waste, infectious diseases are likely to spread.  Beyond that, the longer your home is damp, the more likely damage will be done.

The water that is left behind is typically removed using a wet dry vac and a pump.  Drying is performed by opening windows in conjunction with a dehumidifier.  Your floors might dry too quickly if you utilize a home’s heating system, and this can cause structural damage.  In conjunction with drying, we will cut out and/or remove the areas that can’t be dried and encapsulate all the areas to prevent mold growth. After drying is complete we will reconstruct your home to as new as humanly possible.

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