Everyone’s talking about curb appeal.  Following are easy and affordable ways to have great curb appeal.

Pulling up to your home and liking what you see is something that gives you satisfaction. No one wants to come home and look at their property and start calculating all the things they have to do to make it more attractive.

Ways to Have Curb Appeal

Improving your curb appeal does not have to be a long or expensive process. There are simple things that you can do that will make a huge impact on the appearance of your home.

Refresh Your Front Door

Paint your front door.  Go bold with color!  Change the hardware for an even better new look. Update your address numbers.  Change the light fixture over your door. These little things give your front door area an entirely fresh look.

Add Some Flowers

Flowers are an affordable way to make your home look more inviting. Putting up flower boxes under your windows or adding new colorful flowers to your landscaping brings a new and welcoming look to your home. Hanging flower baskets are also a great addition to homes that have a front porch.  Think of it as coloring with flowers!

Outdoor Lighting

Change or add new outdoor lighting to the front of your home. Add accent lighting to your trees.  Add tasteful spotlights to the front of your home. Lighting makes a home more attractive and also enhances safety.

Add A Fence or Gate

There is something very charming about a beautiful gate area leading up to a home. Small front fencing is beautiful when used with landscape designs. Make sure that you add colorful plants or flowers to these areas for the most benefit.

curb appeal

Dress Up Your Mailbox

If you have a curbside mailbox, why not give it a refresher? Clean and polish up your mailbox and think about building a flower box around the base. These simple-to-build boxes are quickly filled with dirt and plants creating a beautiful area leading up to your home.

Change Walkways to Pavers

If you have a plain cement sidewalk leading to your home, consider changing it to ornamental pavers. Pavers come in various colors and shapes.  This allows you to be creative with the design. Match pavers with bricks or landscaping pavers in your flowerbeds and walks.  Create a flowing appearance for your home.

Put In A New Lawn

Replacing your old grass with a new lawn significantly improves the appearance of your property. Lawns age and become weathered looking over time. Replacing the grass with fresh and healthy sod makes your lawn and the front of your home look amazing.

Most importantly, enjoy the process of creating curb appeal.  If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy painting or planting, give us a call.  We’ll help you choose the best way to improve your curb appeal.  Let’s make your property the envy of the neighborhood with your version of curb appeal!