How much do lawn services in Anchorage cost?


There are dozens of variables that can influence the price of lawn maintenance for your property. Each company will use different criteria when pricing  their lawn services, and the size of the lawn is only one factor. The typical services provided during a weekly mowing are; mowing, trimming and blowing off sidewalks. Some additional services can be edging, hauling away clippings, hedge trimming, and fertilizing. Many companies may offer discounts when signing up for multiple services, or prepaying.

straight lawn lines

So what factors into the cost of lawn services?

  • How often you want service. Biweekly service often will cost more than weekly as the longer grass requires more work. Also, most companies do multiple properties in the neighborhood, so they likely drive-by your property every week anyways.
  • How far away from existing customers is your property? With efficient commercial equipment, it may take longer to drive to your property than mow it. This may add to the cost.
  • How quickly can the lawn be mowed? Flat, open areas are faster than steep hills and heavily treed areas.
  • Obstacles require additional work and time. Mowing around trees, moving lawn furniture, or wrapping up hoses left out can add additional costs to the job.
  • Is there a gate? Small gates limit the size of mower that can be used on your property. Using a larger mower is significantly more efficient, and can save you money. This may be something to consider when installing a fence.
  • How many trees, shrubs, buildings, etc that require the use of a trimmer (weed whacker). Using a trimmer can take as long as mowing the property.
  • Spring and fall cleanup costs are primarily based on what type of equipment can get to the leaves, how many trees are dropping leaves on the property and the size of the property. Many companies will charge an hourly rate for this. Typically $35-$60/hr.
  • The equipment to be used, and the companies overhead are things most homeowners don’t factor into the pricing. Many small companies don’t have the best, most efficient equipment to handle larger jobs. Most large companies have good equipment, but also have more overhead with office staff, mechanics, and real estate costs.


Lawn services pricing for a ¼ acre lot in Anchorage can be as low as $35 per week, or as high as $60. Whenever choosing a contractor for any project, a good rule of thumb is to ignore the highest, and lowest bids. Asking what specific services will be performed weekly will allow you to accurately compare bids, and always verify they are licensed and insured. For a free online quote click HERE.