Building Maintenance

Building maintenance is a nuisance and can often become overwhelming for homeowners, managers, and building owners. Now there’s an easier way.

Now there’s an easier way. Glaciers Edge Maintenance offers complete commercial and residential building maintenance and handyman services. Some great resources can be found at BOMA Anchorage for the commercial building owner.

Our team of dedicated technicians is available on-call 24/7, year round, for any maintenance emergency. We are also available, typically within 24 hours, for any non-emergency maintenance issues.

Maintenance Services

Here are just a few of our services offered:

Drywall Repair
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Minor HVAC Maintenance
Tenant Improvements
Appliance Replacement
Window Washing
Lighting Repair
Tenant Move-Out
Minor Plumbing
Minor Electrical

Appliance Installation

Lighting Repair


Window/Sliding Door Installation



Door Installation

What are the Differences Between Residential and Commercial Property Maintenance?

When it comes to building maintenance, you would expect that all the maintenance and repairs for a residence would be the same as a commercial property. For many services, it is the same. However, since commercial properties are used for different purposes, there are often regulations attached to how and when maintenance is performed in a commercial property setting.

Glaciers Edge Maintenence is pleased to provide Anchorage Alaska, and the surrounding areas with residential and commercial maintenance services. Our techs know the regulations surrounding commercial repairs and maintenance, and we will always work in compliance with these laws.

A Quick Look at Our Services

Glaciers Edge Maintenance has the ability to perform many different services for your home or commercial property. Some of these services include:

Drywall Repair and Replacement

There are times when you only need to repair or replace a small drywall area to make a room look great or bring an area into compliance/ GEM has techs that can make your drywall look brand new again.

Painting and Staining

Keep the interior or exterior of your home or business looking its best. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way in improving the appearance of any area. We also offer staining services that can help keep interior and exterior wood protected and looking its best.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Many people do not realize how important it is to keep the dryer vents clean. Not only does a clean vent reduce the amount of time it will require to dry your clothes because the air circulation is good, but a clean vent also reduces fire risk. Lint is a superior kindling, and one spark could ignite your washing area.


We can remodel any area that you want and change it to your specifications. Included in our remodeling services is door installation, including sliding glass doors, regular interior and exterior doors, and windows.


Is your roof in need of repair or replacement? Snow and ice can lead to damage to your roof, even if it is fairly new. Have your roof checked for leaks or damage each spring so that repairs can be made before winter sets in.

Lighting Installation

In addition to installing lighting, we also offer minor electrical work around your home or commercial property.

Pressure Washing and Window Washing

We will pressure wash and wash the windows of your property so that your building or home always looks its best. These services are available together or as separate services..

Appliance Installation

We will remove any old appliances and install new ones. We have the capabilities of installing residential or commercial-grade appliances.

Minor HVAC repairs

We can perform some minor repairs or maintenance on HVAC systems.

Minor Plumbing

We offer some basic plumbing services for residential and commercial properties.
To find out all the services that we offer and to receive a quote, you are encouraged to speak with one of our representatives today.