Anchorage snow removal

How do I hire a snow removal contractor for my home?


Choosing the right snow removal contractor can seem overwhelming, especially for those new to the area. Some contractors may provide detailed contracts, and some may just call you with a price over the phone. To top it off, those prices may seem very different from one another. We will dig into why that may be, and what to look out for.


The first step in hiring a snow removal for your contractor is finding one with a good reputation. Any contractor that has negative online reputation should be avoided. Referrals from friends and family with first-hand experience can certainly be helpful as well. I would do a little extra research if someone is referring their “Buddy”. It is critical that your contractor is licensed and insured, even when clearing your personal property.


In an ideal world, we would all hire snow removal contractors before the snow falls. This is especially helpful to minimize property damage throughout winter. If the contractor is able to see obstacles and boundaries, they will be more easily able to avoid them once the snow does fall. Everything has a way of looking the same under 12” of snow! A quality contractor will also help you stake out your property, the best contractors, will do it for you!


Once you have narrowed the search to 2-3 reputable contractors (and ideally before the snow flies), you will want to ensure each contractor has seen the property. This is especially important if your driveway is not a standard size/shape, or has hidden obstacles. Many contractors will call and give you a price based on the rough size of your driveway (2 car, 4 car, etc) without driving by to look at it. This can be a big red flag. There are details to this service that can become frustrating, or expensive if not worked out before signing up for service.


Some of the details that may be overlooked when quoting a property over the phone are: hidden obstacles, driveway slope, nearby landscaping, and snow storage areas. The slope of the driveway, especially if going down towards your home, can play a role in picking a contractor, and should be discussed with them if it is an issue. Landscaping alongside the driveway may guide you heavily toward snowblowing, instead of plowing, as can snow storage. If you have retaining walls, or landscaping along both sides of your driveway, I highly recommend snowblowing over plowing. You can read more on the benefits of snowblowing here.


Once you have the prices in hand, it may be a bit tricky to compare them. They typically aren’t going to look the same, and may be structured entirely differently. Some contractors might say $45 per visit, while another might say $35, and another might say $600 for the whole season. To finalize you decision you may need to reach out to each contractor and ask questions. Here is a list that may shed some insight.


If you need any help, feel free to reach out to us for any snow removal questions. If we are not able to help you, we will gladly point you in the right direction. Not all customers/contractors are going to be a great fit, and we want you to find the one that fits your needs the best.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Glaciers Edge Maintenance