This fall, Anchorage South Rotary’s admirable project, “Little Free Libraries”, was a great success!  With Chris Gray, owner of Glacier’s Edge Maintenance, providing his personal assistance and expertise, as well as the equipment to install the “Little Free Libraries”!  Rotary clubs have installed  28, “Little Free Libraries” located across the Anchorage area, easily identifiable; we used Alaskan State Flag colors, gold stars on blue.  Take a peek at them IN THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO.

This wonderful project is for the benefit of our children and the surrounding neighborhoods.  These “Little Free Libraries” are just that, FREE!  Neighborhood children can leave a book, take a book or trade a book!   Essentially, a free book exchange-it costs nothing.  Absolutely Nothing!

“Little Free Libraries” are teaching our children to share with others what they enjoyed reading and to have the joy of reading more!  Or, just to have a giving heart.  Not every child has the luxury or means of going to the extents of attaining a library membership or to purchase books.  It is fact, children who read more and at an early age, tend to succeed academically in all aspects of their education.  Reading boosts concentration, increases focus, improves memory, helps build a stronger analytical mind, and the list goes on, as to the benefits of reading.  So, parents if you see one of our “Little Free Libraries” show your children and encourage them to take advantage of this wonderful, FREE program.  It can build lasting friendships and even book clubs!

Anchorage South Rotary strives on giving back to the community, and do this for our most valuable asset, our Children.   Together we can lead our children by example. Giving, sharing and respecting our neighbors-and that together, we can make our home and neighborhoods a better place.


anchorage post hole digging

GEM digging holes for Libraries