You have worked hard to create a beautiful lawn for your home, but every summer, you experience at least a little bit of lawn burnout. Some areas of the lawn turn brown during the hottest days of summer, or you get bald patches that detract from the beauty of the lawn.  Our Water Wise Tips are the solution.

This year can be different. You can avoid lawn burnout by using these easy lawn tips:

Watering Times

Watering is the key to a healthy lawn. However, smart watering will improve your lawn’s health; it can also reduce the amount of water you use. This is good for the environment and your water bill.

One the days that you want to water your lawn, you want to set the timer to go off between 5 and 10 am. After 10 am, the heat starts to build for the day, and more of the water will evaporate before soaking into the ground, causing you to have to water your grass for a longer time.

You do not want to water overnight. When you water during the night time a lot of the water will remain on top of the grass. This creates the perfect conditions for bacteria to grow, which can lead to lawn disease. The best time to water will always be between 5, and 10 am.

Watering Amount

There are many different lawn tips regarding the amount of water that your lawn needs. The truth is, it will depend on the type of grass you are growing. The most common grass is Kentucky Blue Grass. If this is what you have, you will need at least two inches of water per week to keep your lawn healthy.

It is also important that you water your lawn slowly. The water needs time to sink into the soil. If the water does not have time to sink in, the roots can become shallow, and the grass will not be healthy.

Newly Seeded Lawns

If you have just seeded your lawn, you will want to make sure that you water your lawn every day to ensure that the seedlings have a chance to grow deep roots and grow strong. Once your lawn has reached an initial height of about one inch, you can go back to your normal watering routine.

Check Your Irrigation System

If you have water pooling up in your driveway, walkways, or on the sidewalk area, your sprinkler heads are not covering the lawn correctly. 100 percent of the water should be on the lawn. Pointing your sprinklers in the right direction can protect your lawn and allow you to reduce water waste.

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