Spring is in the air, and it is time for spring landscape maintenance. Everyone loves to air out their homes and “spring clean”, but not many people think about adding their lawn maintenance to this list of chores.

When you complete spring landscape maintenance, you ensure that you will have a beautiful lawn area that will look its best and be a great place for summer entertaining.

Quick and Easy Spring Landscape Maintenance Tips


Clean Out The Flower Beds

The first thing to do is to clean up the flower beds. Trim away old shrubs and dead flowers. Rake up yard debris that has accumulated over the winter, including old mulch. Put a nice barrier around the bed to give its streamlined and professional appearance.  Removing all of the old plants and debris gives your bed a fresh appearance and enables you to lay new mulch or rocks and plant new flowers.

Replace Old Plants

When some plants get older, they do not look as nice as they did when first planted. Even with the best care, these plants have lost their luster. Spring is the perfect time to remove these plants and replace them with something new and give your landscape a new appearance.

Clean Up Your Trees

Spring is the right time to trim away dead branches, overhanging limbs and shape your trees. By trimming before the growing season for your trees really sets in, you ensure that your trees have a healthy start to the year.  Trimming your trees before the summer storm season is also a good choice to protect your home and property from falling branches and excessive yard debris from heavy winds.

Aerate and Fertilize Your Lawn

Now that it is time for grass to start growing again, it is necessary to make sure that your lawn is healthy. Aerating your lawn will allow oxygen and moisture to reach the roots better.  You may also want to weed and feed your lawn at this time so that it will grow healthier during the summer. One last thing to do before you are done with the spring lawn maintenance is checking your irrigation system for leaks and broken heads and make sure that the heads are all pointing in the right direction for minimal water waste.

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